October 12, 2013


I can’t hate on Rozay anymore. I stopped trying a long time ago. But now I think anyone else hating on him is just hating based on reflex.

Besides the rape couplet ( I know that is a big BESIDES ) what has Ross done wrong… musically? For the last four years, Ross has managed to do what many before him in Hip – Hop have tried but failed to do: Reinvent himself by getting better with each and every recording.  Say what you want, but the dude stays sonically consistent.

Do I love the fact that he lied about being a former Correction Officer? No. But in retrospect what could I be angry about? That he really never sold drugs? That he had a job? Shouldn’t I and anyone over the age of seven who can understand the difference between reality and fiction be happy about that? If anything, the fact that he couldn’t tell the hip hop world that he was not, in fact, ever a Kingpin drug dealer in his past says more about what he thinks about his target audience than it does anything else.

Personally, I wish he could have been brave enough once that photo of him was released to keep it One Hundred.

I wish he could have uploaded a Youtube video and said, “Hey, everybody, yes that was me in that photo. Yeah I used to be a correction officer. No, I never sold anything more than a nickel bag to a friend. Honestly, I didn’t think that I could admit to that but now I realize that I should have been more mature and trust that you, the listening public, could understand my predicament. Before I pretended to be a drug dealer, my records weren’t selling at all. Record companies were never checking for me. But once I adopted this persona of a former drug dealer turned rapper my sales went through the roof and my career took off. I had no choice but to continue the charade. I never wanted to pretend to be something I wasn’t, but this is how I got rich doing something I love. Thanks. Uhhhh”

Wishful thinking.

More than anything, Rick Ross has done a great job at staying in his lane and mastering it. Instead of jumping around in all genres, Ross has stayed consistent in his; Trap Rap. Ross’ chamber of slick dope – dealer rhymes over hard beats has him inarguably resting in the top 5 today.

This new track with him and Future is banging. Listen and Enjoy!


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April 10, 2010

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